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SEP 2018




02 September – Independence Day + 03 September (Compensation)

24 September – 15/8 Lunar Calendar – Mid Autumn Festival


24 September – Constitutional Day


24 September – 15/8 Lunar Calendar – Mid Autumn Festival     


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Office 365 Protection

From this newsletter afterwards, we will provide a piece of article dealing with risk management – lesson to share. They are cases of troubles actually handled by our staff. It might not be the best option for trouble, and we highly appreciate if you suggest more valuable experience and ideas for this topic.Risks in logistics operations refers to threats in the handling efficiency of shipments. Risks probably come from unforeseeable events such as Act of Gods or the unexpected failure like the Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy. 

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Customer Story



Office 365 Protection

The 40th Autumn Party – Happy Birthday to Mr. Tran Dang Nam

The 40th Autumn Party is the series of events to celebrate the 40th birthday of Mr. Tran Dang Nam – Bee Logistics Vice President. It was organized on 18 and 19 August, in King’s Garden Resort located in the spectacular natural landscape in Phu Tho Province. The series of event included the Gala Dinner, an outdoor BBQ dinner, Mister Contest, and followed by sexy Pool Party

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Office 365 Protection

Coming to a company, don’t just focus on earning money, firstly, learn to make you worthy!

How you label yourself today will determine if you maintain your important role tomorrow!
Ha Vu is a very pretty girl. She has been working for this company for five years. Colleagues joining later have chance for promotion but her position remains. She feels unfair.

Then one day, Ha Vu faces to the risk of dismissal. She come to meet the boss to question him.

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Switch B/L Business Has an Element of Fraud Involved!!

WCA Warning

The WCA will not involve itself in Switch B/L business due to the element of fraud, regardless of how big or small that may be.

There are high risks to agents that involve themselves in this, especially at destination. If we receive any complaints, while we will not involve ourselves, we will make note on the members records. If we receive any further complaints we may have to consider the agents membership status.

We were advised by a reputable maritime law firm to stay away from Switch B/L, as they do contain this element of fraud, and as we have seen many issues on this, it is good advice. Please note that any cargo movement involving a Switch B/L is NOT covered under the Gold Medallion Financial Protection plan (see paragraph 3, subparagraph (f) and paragraph 4, subparagraph (k) due to the element of fraud. Also, a violation of the Code of Ethics (see paragraph 9).

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