Bee Quy Nhon New Project

Bee Quy Nhon New Project 5/2/2018

Bee Quy Nhon and Hai Phong have jointly implemented the project for transporting farm produce exported to China with minimum volume of 100 containers/month (maximum volume is estimated at 60,000 to 100,000 tons/year). The handling by railway was kicked off from 05 April by combination of roadway and railway method from Dac Lak to Huu Nghi Border Gate, Lang Son, handling 5-10 wagons/cont. This is the first time Bee has experienced providing services of combined trucking and railway transportation, carrying the whole shipment of the factory from Buon Khoa, Cu Pui, Drong Bong Commune, Dac Lak Province to Dong Dang Railway Station, Lang Son. This project is significant for intensifying our trademark value by developing a new service in Bee Logistics service chain and create more jobs for Quy Nhon offices. Expectedly the project prolongs until November 2018.


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