Appointment of Vice Directors of Sales and Marketing

Appointment of Vice Directors of Sales and Marketing 5/2/2018

People are the core of all renovation. Great achievement needs great people. Each one should be aware of his/her role in the team, as well as their behavior for success. Treasuring people is one of Bee Group’s philosophy.


During the history of Bee Logistics development, to reach success with the dream of globalization, it is a negligence not to mention the devotion of many staffs with passion for excellence, who are hardworking and dedicated to Bee. They have been accompanying with Bee years over years, in the ups and downs. Bee Logistics network of establishments is expanded to 22, and Bee coverage is wide spreading locally and internationally. To be successful as it is now, each office experience a hard and challenging journey with at first moments like a fish out of water, especially offices in provinces. And we recognize contribution by “initiator” who are courageous, who dare to scarify and rush into the new battlefield. One of such initiator is Ms. Vu Thanh Minh – Office Manager of Nam Dinh and Thanh Hoa Region. Having demonstrated her excellent working performance and managerial skills, BOD entrust to promote Ms. Vu Thanh Minh to the new position, undertaking new duties: Vice Director of Sales and Marketing for Hai Phong Branch. And on the morning 28th April 2018, the official appointment ceremony was hold in the 6th floor of Hai Phong Branch, where Ms. Jasmine Vu Thanh Minh had honor to receive the Appointment Decision from our CEO Mr. Henry Dinh Huu Thanh and Mr. Paul Vu Ho Ninh. Many staff of Hai Phong, Nam Dinh, Thanh Hoa Offices gather to congratulate Ms. Jasmine on her great honor and achievement, wishing her to be more determined and striving in a new position.







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