Implementing QC in all offices

Implementing QC in all offices 5/2/2018


With the aim to improve service quality, Quality Control (QC) is expected to be launched in all offices of Bee Logistics from May 2018. The QC targets to gather data and evidence for assessing the procedure compliance by Bee staff and to maintain better service quality, then to give pre-alert and to apply prevention actions for avoiding potential risks. As a result, the working performance of Bee staffing is improved while saving time and cost for the Company.

For that purpose, the QC team is nominated including main PIC as below:



QC Staff


Ms. Minh Jasmine


Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Van


Ms. Bui Thi Thanh Thao


Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long


Mr. Korn, Ms. Aew, Ms. Ying


Sophia, Aye Ko, Yoon Yoon, Thu Thu


On monthly basis, such PIC shall carry out QC job which is classified into two categories: routine and random inspection. The routine inspection, as the way it is called, is conducted at a certain time, recommended on each 5th day whereas random inspection is made unexpectedly. Each QC member will design their own check sheet, recording actions of non-compliance then give results and feedback to the Branch Director/Manager and the relevant staff. The QC will make sense once the QC member suggests corrective actions and training, to improve awareness and knowledge for the staff, and to prevent the repetition of such inadequacy. The QC job is closed with final report by QC Team.


QC is surely not a tool to take pains in picking holes in other's coats, and not intended for giving penalty, but it purpose is for bettering our staff compliance with procedures and our service quality. From that point, we hope every staff will well coordinate with QC member making favorable conditions for them to fulfill the new duty entrusted by our leaders.

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